One of the best parts of summer is finding time to read again. I’ve never been one for non-fiction but I’ve happened across several biographies of women in tech and haven’t been able to put them down. This one almost literally fell into my lap. I was at my local library recently to pick up a book I had reserved. Now this library has quite cleverly placed a shelf of new acquisitions right next to the shelf of pickups. When I stopped to scan the shelf for my book this one caught my eye and I just had to have it. I read it over the weekend and loved it.

Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to MarsRise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars by Nathalia Holt

I enjoyed this book because it feels like a part of my own history. While I don’t do anything as exciting as calculating rocket trajectories and the paths of space probes as they travel the solar system, I am a computer programmer. The book deals with the women who did the mathematical calculations for the engineers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Computers play a very small role in this book and only near the end of the book. For me this is a book showcases a small chapter of our feminist history, but also a story of the journey to leave our planet, two topics that excite and inspire me.

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When I finished the book I was feeling pumped up and ready to tackle outer space myself. This is a long-standing quest of mine, one that will most likely never come to pass. BUT – What if I turn this zeal to the pursuits I can accomplish – how amazing could I become. Let’s hear it for the books that inspire us!

Getting my geek on – Tara.