Welcome to the soft launch of my new blog. If you’re looking at this post, you’ll probably also notice that I left the WordPress welcome post. That’s the post that says, “Hey welcome! Here are some links to stuff to get you started”. So I’m supposed to delete that post but I’m not going to. I think the purpose of this blog will be to muck about with blogs, see how they work, try out different blog features, that sort of thing. In the spirit of blogging for it’s own sake, I think it is appropo to leave the instructional entry just where it is.

So while I’m here I will mess around with the blog itself and also try to comment on other geeky pursuits. I’m hoping to learn about the blogging, explore the many bloggy features available, and challenge myself in some other creative ventures. Most notably, I want to learn to code for hand-helds. If I’m putting this all in writing it might be the incentive I need to get off my duff and actually write some code. Finally, since “geek” is not exclusively a technology based term, I will write randomly about some of my other geeky pursuits. It’s my blog, I can do what I want.

Getting my geek on – Tara.